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Generational Diversity


Teamwork & Teambuilding


Employee Engagement

Difficult Conversations

Job Coaching


Leadership Essentials is a thorough and active training designed for new and existing leaders to enhance their skills and knowledge in crucial leadership subjects.


Topics include:

  • generational leadership

  • difficult conversations and conflict resolution 

  • advanced communication strategies

  • common leadership mistakes

  • employee engagement & retention

  • decision making and change management 

  • teamwork and synergy

  • and more.


Leadership Essentials is structured as an in-person or virtual training series and can range from a full day to multiple sessions with ala carte options based on need.

Leadership  Essentials!

"Brad is truly a gifted speaker"
~ Michelle U., Essentia Health


Communication Tips, Trends & Strategies:

How could we complicate communication even fur-
ther? How about a global pandemic that forces drastic,

lasting change to the workforce? Communication tech-
niques have evolved quickly then COVID-19 impacted it

even further. Where are we headed? How can we im-
prove? This session will provide insight into the evolu-
tion of communication along with effective strategies

to engage your co-workers, colleagues and even
strengthen personal relationships.

"I attended Brad Gingras’s Interpersonal Communication Skills course to learn how I could improve the effectiveness of our conservation outreach.  The class was engaging, educational, and went by very quickly.  I highly recommend utilizing Brad as a speaker for your next organizational gathering.  He will help your group understand and address the significant communication challenges we face today."
~ Tim S., St. Croix Co, Resource Mgmt Administrator

Topics & Trainings 

The Generations Unmasked!

Can Millennials ever show up on time? Why are Boomers so adverse to change? Our youngest employees won’t even pick up the phone! Our staff wants to work on their terms. Generational conflict and misunder-
standing has been present for decades, however the divide between each generation seems to get further apart. The Generations Unmasked identifies key influences, traits and characteristics of the predominant

generations in the workforce, but more importantly strategies to help understand what makes each age cohort succeed and engage. No matter which generation you fit into, this session will be relevant, entertaining and help you better understand your coworkers and individuals throughout your life.



GenZ Unplugged

Active team building workshops

Doesn't it seem we have gotten away from professional development and team-building activities being....interesting? These workshops are designed to be active, thought-provoking, and most importantly, FUN. Your team will be challenged in a variety of ways that will make you think differently about situations in the workplace, with your colleagues, and even life in general. 

Kids these days! A timeless statement, but for educators and employers alike, GenZ is bringing a new set of desires, needs, and issues into the classroom and workplace. A generation that doesn’t know a world without smartphones and social media and has been raised in a protective bubble. Their influences, characteristics and demands are changing the workforce as we know it. GenZ Unplugged explores the lives of today’s young adults and offers insights and solutions to engage our Nation’s next professionals.  

Recruitment, Retention & Understanding the post-pandemic Workforce

What’s more challenging, finding good talent or keeping it? Both perhaps? This predicament was already forming and then a global pandemic kicked it into high gear. Recruitment, retention and engagement is impacting employers and educators and is getting more difficult for many. Many employees and their desires and needs for employment are baffling and frustrating leaders throughout the nation. This session will provide understanding into the influences and trends that are impacting the decisions for young adults to make their mark in the workforce but more importantly strategies to improve recruitment, retention and engagement. 

Executive Job Coaching

Leadership isn't easy! Many leaders work their way into their roles through experience and 'climbing the ladder', however that does not determine success. Many need additional development. Job coaching is a fully customizable and adaptable service that is tailored to the employee. Topics consist of mulitple assessments, counseling, and addressing individual needs. 

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